Fund Types


Keeping our children educated is a job that is being made harder and harder, due to continuous budget cuts in education. Schools are operating with out of date textbooks, subpar libraries and are being forced to cut their Creative Arts programs. We look for charitites such as The Fullfillment Fund, which helps teenagers to finish high school and continue on to college, or The Wonder Of Reading, which builds new libraries and provides brand new books.


Not everyone can afford the basic luxuries most take for granted. We look to charities such as SOVA Food Pantry Program, which donates food to the impoverished, or Habitat For Humanity, which builds houses for those in need.


When not everyone can afford decent healthcare, we look for charities that help others in areas that most wouldn’t think to look. When health insurance doesn’t provide coverage for transportation cost to and from treatment, The Corporate Angel Network sponsors cancer patients and their families by providing them free transportation so that they can continue their treatment. We’ve continued to donate to Capital Hospice, so people like Marilyn who are dying can live out their remaining days comfortably and pain-free.

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